The Jigoku Dojo is a private, non-commercial institution dedicated to the study and training of the classical Japanese military arts and sciences (koryu budo taijutsu and ninjutsu) in their formal and modern applications in a non-competitive environment.

Our training is based on several different classical Japanese warrior ryuha or lineages that are contained in the Bujinkan Dojo, all of which date back several centuries and were developed for the exclusive use of the aristocratic warrior class. These traditions are comprehensive systems of warfare that encompass a wide variety of weapons, strategy, tactical skills, and philosophical teachings that were forged and honed through several generations of intense conflict into the most sophisticated and efficient systems of combat known.

The warrior lineages found at the Jigoku Dojo do not rely on strength, size, or speed; rather seek to resolve conflicts through the utilization of natural principles of movement, psychology, awareness, and strategy. These arts have not been degraded or watered down for sport or personal refinement, nor do they contain artificial rules. They are authentic battlefield arts that retain their true and effective martial capabilities. Through proper integration of the training and teachings, the student becomes a stronger, more powerful, capable individual who can survive and thrive through adversity.

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