Bojutsu 棒術

Bojutsu (stick arts) is the study of battlefield strategy and tactics utilizing stick weaponry. In this case, bojutsu covers a broad spectrum of study, including rokushakubo (six-foot staff), jo (four-foot staff), hanbo (half-stick, three-foot staff), and eda koppo (short stick).

The characteristics of each weapon are fully explored and implemented. The fundamentals consist of kamae, striking, and parrying. Bojutsu in the classical military arts utilizes the complete integration of the will, body, and technique, to the degree that the bo, like all other weapons, becomes an extension of the adept's body. Striking and parrying are learned with attention paid to utilizing proper body mechanics and employing the full length of the stick. At higher levels the practitioner is introduced to formal ryuha kata and waza, learning combative strategy and wisdom that has been handed down through centuries of war.

Also explored are situations and techniques where the warrior might find themselves in close quarters. Grappling with the stick is studied in a variety of settings. In this way, the student learns to properly implement the weapon at any distance.

Serious and dedicated training in bojutsu will assist the exponent in enhancing not only their familiarity with long weapons, but serves to heighten the entire realm of martial skill.

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